ProChess 3.0 Multiline BBS chess door

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hat is ProChess?

ProChess is a Chess door game for BBS environments. ProChess is easy to use and easy to install on your BBS.

Users can play Chess against each other as well as playing Sudden Death against the Sysop (if he's available). On a multiline BBS two users can play an online game and the netmail option enables them to play against users on other systems.

You can also play against the ProChess Chess Computer in nine different levels.

ProChess runs under all common BBS-programs that make use of a DORINFOx.DEF or a DOOR.SYS file. If these options are not available, ProChess can also be started by parameters and thus can be used under virtually any known BBS-software. Should this not be true, please let me know. It may be possible to modify the program to work with your BBS package.

In the registered version ProChess can be played via PCUTIL through Fido netmail. This allows worldwide Chess games! The new PCUTIL also allows automatic play between different BBS's.

Features of ProChess 3.0:

  • User Vs User online play

  • Chess Computer with nine playing levels

  • Users can play ProChess via ProTerm. ProTerm is a user/Sysop terminal for ProChess featuring VGA graphics (640*480) and mouse support. Sysops, please encourage your users to make use of ProTerm, it's much more fun to play ProChess then.

  • Playable by netmail via PCUTIL GameRobot Utility.PCUTIL allows manual or automatic play. Thus PCUTIL connects BBS's to a wide area Chess-Net.

  • User's can choose if they want to play a game against a specific opponent. In the registered version the opponent may even be on a different BBS. The game will then run via PCUTIL, which must be installed in this case.

  • Configurable screen colors

  • Multiline support using 'game locking'

  • Multitasker aware

  • Supports FOSSIL drivers directly, but may also be used without the FOSSIL driver enabled.

  • Supports highspeed modems with locked baudrate

  • Built-in carrier watchdog

  • Uses DORINFOx.DEF, DOOR.SYS or parameters

  • Local mode for the Sysop

  • Supports ANSI terminal emulation or simple ASCII displays

  • Supports AVATAR/0+ terminal emulation

  • Monochrome mode for the user's and for the Sysop's display

  • Built-in chat mode

  • Watches time left for a user

  • Multilingual: Configurable with language files

  • Freely changeable help screens

  • Verbose score table

  • Follows strictly all Chess rules:
    - Castling
    - En passant
    - Pawn promotion
    - Stalemate
    - Move repetition

  • Draw offers, resigning and taking moves back are possible

  • Move input by coordinates or cursor movements (ANSI/AVT only)

  • Optional Sudden Death play with configurable timelimit

  • Maximum 9999 games per player (registered version)

  • Configurable logfile

  • History file of all finished games

  • ProChess opens files in DenyNone mode to support networks. SHARE must be loaded to use enable this feature.

  • ProChess uses the ranking system of the German Chess federation.

  • Supports USERON by Gerhard Hoogterp

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