ProChess 3.0 Multiline BBS chess door

BBS List

The ProChess 3.0 package contains

  • ProChess 3.0

The main bbs door
  • ProTerm 3.0

The user/sysop graphical frontend
  • ProTools 1.0

The universal configuration utility
  • PCUtil 1.30

The inter-bbs utility

These news are only for users of ProChess 1.0/2.0:

If you are installing from scratch, please go on and skip this page!

ProChess, ProTools and PCUtil use the new record structure of PCHESS.CFG. When you start, move your old PCHESS.CFG to a safe place and run ProTools from the ProChess directory.

  1. Complete the File / Register ProChess and Setup / ProChess Options menus.

  2. Choose an existing *.LNG language file in the Setup / ProChess Language menu.

  3. Run Score / Convert to update your score file to the new data format.

  4. If you want to see numbers in the Lastrating field, convert from PCHESS.HST.

  5. The PCHESS.COL file is no longer needed, please delete it.

  6. Move all *.ANS/ASC/AVT files to the path defined in Setup / Options / Pathnames

  7. PCUtil no longer requires its own language definitions, you may delete everything after line #12 in PCUTIL.CFG.

A few remarks:

  1. When you edit ANSI prompts in Setup / ProChess Prompts you can use the F1 key to toggle a highlighted character.

  2. The default color set used by ProTools is the former BLUE.COL

  3. Delete MAKEGAME.EXE, it may destroy your datafiles!

  4. Delete SORTSCOR.EXE, it may destroy your datafiles!

  5. ProChess now automatically sorts the score file on exit
    (by the current ranking)


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